Recovery Support for Heart Attack and Heart Surgery Patients

The Cardiac Rehabilitation unit at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center offers a unique program that helps patients who have experienced recent cardiac issues such as heart attack or heart surgery. We emphasize the three “E” components: exercise, education and encouragement.

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehab is a medically-supervised program that can help patients:

  • Recover after a heart attack, heart surgery or angioplasty
  • Prevent future heart problems
  • Address risk factors that can lead to coronary heart disease
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle and follow a heart-healthy diet

All patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation before starting a cardiac rehab program.

Learn More About the Cardiac Rehab Program

For more information about our program, please call 702-233-7470.

Outpatient Services

The cardiac rehabilitation unit offers Phase II cardiac rehab. Patients are encouraged to participate in the Phase II Outpatient Cardiac Program following hospital discharge of a cardiac diagnosis. Phase II cardiac rehabilitation assists patients in:

  • Increasing exercise tolerance
  • Reducing symptoms of angina, dyspnea and fatigue
  • Improving blood lipid and blood sugar levels
  • Reducing weight, smoking and stress
  • Improving psychosocial well-being and reducing cardiac mortality

Patients are provided safe progression through an exercise program based on their abilities and physiology. Education and classes are available on everything that can help reduce a patient's risk for heart disease: nutrition, stress reduction, medication management, smoking cessation, diabetes management, safe and effective exercise at home and weight reduction.

The Cardiac Team

A multidisciplinary team oversees the patient’s care, creating a customized plan to help them adjust to new lifestyle opportunities. The team includes a supervising physician, rehabilitation nurse, physical therapy, physical therapy assistant, social worker and dietitian.

How to Be Part of Our Program

First, speak with your physician. A physician must “order” cardiac rehab to assist with your recovery. Outpatient cardiac rehab is usually covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare. Coverage may vary depending upon your diagnosis and insurance provider.

For more information, please call 702-233-7470.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Support Group

Life after a heart attack or heart surgery may be different. You may have to make changes in your lifestyle, eat different foods or take medication.

Summerlin Hospital has created a forum for you to share your experiences and learn from other heart patients.

Date: Third Wednesday of the month
Location: Summerlin Hospital, Classroom 1A
Time: 10:30 – 11:30 am

This program is free and open to all individuals who have experienced a recent cardiac event such as a heart attack or open heart surgery and are looking for support and encouragement.