Spotlight on ... Alan Ikeda, MD

April 10, 2018
Alan Ikeda

“In general, pediatric cancers are rare diseases. However, even having one child affected by cancer is too many.”

Alan Ikeda, MD, is a Pediatric Oncologist at Summerlin Hospital and Children's Specialty Center of Nevada.


What is the role of a pediatric oncologist?

Our role is to help diagnose patients who have tumors or hematologic malignancies, determine treatment course, arrange appointments with other specialties and perform surgery. We also arrange second opinions for our own specialties and other specialties unavailable in Las Vegas. We then manage the treatment and effects, including assistance with social and financial complications.

How do you work with other pediatricians and specialists?

We are in constant need of assistance and input from other specialists, both in-town and out-of-state. Most urgent issues are completed by cell phone or face-to-face, while less urgent matters are dealt with over email.

What would you like people to know about pediatric cancer?

It is through the work of the community that has expanded to worldwide collaborations, that we are able to progress with new technologies and develop new methods and regimens of care for patients.

What do you enjoy about your work?

We love seeing children conquer their battle with cancer and go on to be great members of society. We truly appreciate the boldness of families who have the courage to keep their lives moving through the course of treatment, through recovery and on to a new life after cancer. We enjoy watching the children who lend their own strength to carry their parents through the journey of cancer care.

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