Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy for Children

We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to children from birth to 18 years old.  Our experienced team of licensed therapists utilize a family-based approach to care. 

Schedule an Evaluation

To schedule an evaluation or get more information, please contact the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center by calling 702-233-7470.

Conditions and Diagnoses

Common pediatric therapy diagnoses we treat include:

  • Asperger syndrome
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Brachial plexus injury
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Childhood stroke
  • Developmental coordination disorder
  • Developmental delay
  • Down syndrome
  • Dysphagia
  • Expressive/receptive language disorders
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Genetic conditions
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Plagiocephaly (flat head)
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Spina bifida
  • Sports injuries
  • Toe walking or other gait problems
  • Torticollis
  • Traumatic brain injury

Services We Offer

Our Comprehensive Pediatric Therapy program includes highly experienced licensed pediatric therapists. Our patients receive 40-minute individualized treatment sessions tailored to each child’s needs. Services include:

Physical Therapytherapist and child patient

  • Movement and mobility
  • Strengthening/endurance training
  • Motor learning
  • Balance/coordination
  • Tone management
  • Posture, positioning, lifting
  • Orthotics
  • Body weight supported treadmill training
  • Neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) based interventions
  • Myofascial techniques
  • Pediatric yoga
  • E-stim therapy
  • Patient/family education

Occupational Therapy

  • Sensory integration therapy
  • Developmental activities
  • Motor learning
  • Recreation play
  • Safety awareness
  • Adaptive equipment training
  • Myofascial techniques
  • Beckman oral motor feeding therapy
  • Pediatric and NICU feeding
  • Splinting
  • Patient/family education

​Speech Therapy

  • VitalStim therapy
  • Talk tools speech therapy
  • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)/speech generating device (SGD) evaluation and treatment
  • Apraxia/childhood apraxia of speech (motor speech disorder)
  • Aphasia therapy/pediatric language skills
    • Difficulty with receptive language (listening and reading)
    • Difficulty with expressive language (speaking and writing)
  • Dysarthria therapy (speech production)
  • Articulation/phonological therapy (speech sound production)
  • Preoperative counseling and postoperative treatment
  • Voice therapy
  • Stuttering therapy
  • Cognitive therapy (memory, problem solving, reasoning, attention, executive functions)
  • Clinical swallow assessment
  • Modified barium swallow studies
  • Dysphagia therapy (difficulty swallowing)
  • Pediatric and NICU feeding
  • Pragmatic (social) language skills
  • Patient/family education