Moving forward while giving back

April 10, 2018
Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

After one of their twin boys was born with an anal rectal malformation (ARM), new parents Lenise and Rocio learned how to navigate life with a child who has special medical needs while finding support and helping other families in similar situations.

When baby Oliver arrived one minute after his twin brother, his medical team quickly realized he had imperforate anus, meaning there was a problem with the opening of his rectum and he would need surgery to attach a colostomy bag at just 36 hours old.

Two years and eight surgeries later, Oliver and his parents have faced many challenges. "The first year was just a blur," says Lenise. "You're in the midst of constant doctors' appointments, tests and surgeries as well as navigating what will work best for the colostomy bag."

Rocio and Lenise found a welcome resource in the Pull-thru Network, a national non-profit organization that provides support for families of children with anorectal, colorectal and urogenital disorders. In addition to receiving useful advice from experienced parents, Rocio and Lenise became the Summerlin Hospital ambassadors for the Caring ARMs Basket project that offers supplies and information for parents whose newborns have colostomies. Rocio and Lenise add an extra bag of supplies they found helpful and a card for each family.

The journey isn’t over yet for Oliver and his family, but they continue to “roll with it,” says Lenise. “We travel and do everything we can to ensure our boys have opportunities, and we all enjoy the little moments in life. We just keep moving forward while trying to give back.”

The affiliation between Children’s Medical Center at Summerlin Hospital and Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, allows pediatric specialists to collaborate on Oliver’s care to determine best options and outcomes for his continued medical journey.

New pediatric unit

Our Children's Medical Center has expanded to the sixth floor of Summer Hospital. Our new sixth floor center offers child and teen-friendly features, including custom flooring, paint, artwork and bedside tables. We also have lower countertops at the nurses' station so our patients can see our care team more easily.

The Children's Medical Center at Summerlin Hospital

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