Don’t let the name fool you! This very special class will teach you some of the most valuable techniques to help make more room for your baby during pregnancy and labor. By using the 3 principles of Balance, Movement and Gravity your baby rotates (aka “spins”) through the pelvis more easily. This can bring you greater comfort and ease in both pregnancy and birth!

We will cover:

  • How to incorporate daily practices to give you greater ease in pregnancy and help give baby space to move and settle into a great birth position
  • Things you and your partner can do to connect with your baby prenatally
  • Positions and comfort measures to use during labor
  • Solutions for when labor doesn’t move forward in a typical pattern

Please bring a yoga ball to class with you. 65 cm or 75 cm is usually a good size (if petite a 55 cm ball may work, your hips should be slightly higher than knees while sitting on your firmly inflated ball while feet flat on floor).

Take this class anytime between 20 wks. gestation and before birth. Class is taught by a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator.

At this time, you have two options for taking this class:

Option #1: Contact Christine to register for an in-person class, 702-233-7186 or

Option #2: Visit and purchase the Spinning Babies Parent Class and watch the video, then contact Christine for a Zoom video conference call to review and make sure you understand the techniques and answer any questions.

If you are experiencing financial hardship but would like to take this class, please contact Christine at 702-233-7186 or

Class Fee: $50 for full in-person class (you must bring your birth partner), $25 for review and Q&A

Event Date: