Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

The PICU is a 12-bed facility with all private and fully equipped ICU rooms. The unit includes a 24-hour pediatric intensivist service, a sedation program, a Childlife program, parent-involved interdisciplinary rounds, a pediatric pharmacist and a pediatric clinical nurse specialist. Some of our achievements include:

  • Central-Line Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) free for more four years thanks to our innovative CVL care program (as of January 26, 2015)
  • Low staff turn over rate
  • Family Centered Care environment
  • Active volunteer program offering entertainment and activities for the patients and their families
  • Competitive patient-to-nurse staffing ratio, competitive salaries and self scheduling


The unit has 17 private rooms. The staff treats a variety of specialties including gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, pediatric surgery and oncology. The Children's Medical Center was accepted into the national Children’s Oncology Group, enabling participation in national and international research studies and allowing the hospital to help improve the care and outcomes for children.

Pediatric Emergency Department

The Pediatric ED is an eight-bed emergency department that treats children and teenagers under the age of 18. The staff works along with the pediatric emergency medicine physicians, respiratory therapists and ED technicians to deliver high-quality, patient and family-centered care. All of the RNs in the unit are ENPC certified. Some of our achievements and features include:

  • CLABSI free for over three years thanks to our innovative CVL care program
  • Low staff turnover rate
  • Childlife program
  • Family Centered Care environment
  • Improved decor and furnishing in all pediatric rooms
  • Dedicated family lounge within pediatrics
  • Playroom
  • Active volunteer program offering entertainment and activities for the patients and their families
  • X-box® in every room
  • Competitive salaries and staffing ratios

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center was the first NICU High Reliability Unit (HRU) in Nevada. The NICU at Summerlin is one of three NICUs in Valley Health System hospitals in Las Vegas that are are working to streamline clinical and developmental practice standards to improve patient and staff safety and satisfaction.

Among the new programs we have introduced to help meet that goal are the first sibling visitation program, the first NICU Total Body Cooling Program in Las Vegas and becoming the only NICU awarded the Comprehensive Unit Based Safety Practice (CUSP) award by the Nevada Hospital Association (NHA). That award was the result of the the NICU at Summerlin Hospital achieving and maintaining a zero CLABSI rate for 18 consecutive months.

Other accomplishments that were the result of vital staff feedback include implementation of a staff email system, an employee focused orientation program and the development of “virtual” staff meetings. The orientation program has become so successful that it is now being adopted by many other institutions inside and and outside of the UHS system of hospitals.

Child Life

The Child Life Team collaborates with other members of the hospital team to enhance quality of care and acts as an advocate and resource regarding issues such as child development and children’s response to hospitalization. Our Child Life team is responsible for providing optimal developmental, psychosocial and therapeutic support in the healthcare setting to meet the social, emotional, physical and educational needs of children between the ages of birth and eighteen years of age.