Summerlin Hospital Receives Financial Sustainability Award for Responsible Medical Equipment Management

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Summerlin Hospital Receives Financial Sustainability Award for Responsible Medical Equipment Management

Members of the Supply Chain Operations team at Summerlin Hospital

Summerlin Hospital has received the Financial Sustainability Silver Award, 2018, from Centurion Service Group, which annually recognizes the top U.S. hospitals for financial and environmental sustainability in responsible equipment management.

The awards presentation, held February 7, 2019, honored Summerlin Hospital’s Supply Chain Operations team, which is responsible for coordinating the disposal and/or re-purposing of used medical equipment, such as pumps, rehabilitation equipment and biomedical equipment. Items are sent to Centurion Service Group, which then auctions off the equipment for use in other medical settings.

“The equipment is still in good condition, but is no longer needed,” explained Joe Love, Director of Supply Chain Operations for Summerlin Hospital. “Through this partnership with Centurion, we know equipment can be effectively reused elsewhere.”

Used medical equipment poses several logistical and financial challenges. Disposing of used medical equipment in landfills represents a complete loss of investment in the equipment, and the potential for a negative environmental impact. This has become a growing problem that leading hospitals today are aggressively addressing.

“We are very proud of our Supply Chain Operations team for their commitment to financially responsible asset management,” said Rob Freymuller, CEO/Managing Director of Summerlin hospital. “We want to be good stewards of our resources, and providing equipment for an extended life is an excellent example of that.”

About Centurion Service Group

Centurion Service Group helps hospitals and surgery centers obtain fair market value for medical equipment. Used medical equipment is sold through the world's largest medical equipment auction house, reaching thousands of domestic and international buyers. Centurion helps hospitals make room for new technology and frees important financial resources that can be used to improve patient care. The outcome reduces environmental harm by keeping equipment out of landfills, making it available for affordable resale to communities the world-over.