When a Parent Has Cancer: CLIMB® Family Support Group for Parents, Children Now at Summerlin Hospital

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Introducing CLIMB® — Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery

Summerlin Hospital’s Cancer Center is adding CLIMB®, a free six-week family support group program for children ages 6-11 and their parents, beginning March 6, 2020. Pre-registration is required.

CLIMB, a program of The Children’s Treehouse Foundation, is especially for children who have a parent or grandparent diagnosed with cancer. The six-week program meets one night per week, with Summerlin Hospital’s specially trained staff helping children demystify cancer and learn coping skills through art, games and journaling to express their feelings and emotions. While the children are meeting, other CLIMB-trained hospital staff help parents understand what to expect from their children and improve communication around their cancer diagnosis.

The first six-week session will be held Mondays, March 2 through April 6, 2020, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Summerlin Hospital in classrooms 1A and 1B, down the hall from the cafeteria. A light dinner is included.

Sessions include:

  • Session 1 —  All about Me
  • Session 2 —  What is Cancer?
  • Session 3 —  It’s OK to Feel Sad
  • Session 4 —  Cancer Can be Scary
  • Session 5 —  It’s Not Fair!
  • Session 6 —  I Love You (graduation ceremony)

Registration for the spring session is required by contacting Carla Stevens, oncology program coordinator, by email at Carla.Stevens@uhsinc.com  or phone at 702-233-7737.  Summer and fall sessions are also scheduled for June/July and September/October.