A second chance for a change of heart

Richie Weinstein

After his first heart attack in 2004, Richie Weinstein, now 73, thought he would take charge of his own rehabilitation. Almost exactly 10 years later, Weinstein found himself in the Emergency Department at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center with another heart attack. This time he decided to follow doctor’s orders and started the hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in February 2014.

Having been athletic all his life, Weinstein was in “exemplary shape” before he developed heart disease. “I was very weak after the second heart attack,” he says. “I couldn’t even drive.” The therapists worked with him on a recumbent cross-trainer, recumbent bike, treadmill and hand grinder, which rotates the arms and increases resistance capability. He measured his progress by miles and minutes.

“When I started, I could only ride 3.3 miles. By the time I left, it was 6.4,” says Weinstein. “I started slowly and worked my way up to 40 minutes. Now, I do a total of 210 minutes of exercise every week. I’m 80 to 85 percent back.”

Weinstein says he attributes a lot of his progress to the guidance and discipline he received in cardiac rehab. “I commend the professionalism of everyone in the program. They couldn’t do enough for me,” says Weinstein. “They treated me like a king.”

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