Frequently Asked Questions

Read these frequently asked questions to learn more about being a volunteer at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center.

How do I become a volunteer?

Before becoming a volunteer at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center you must complete the following procedure:

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application
  2. Interview with the hospital’s volunteer coordinator
  3. Complete a background check
  4. Attend the hospital’s general volunteer orientation
  5. Get tested for tuberculosis (TB)

Who can volunteer at Summerlin Hospital?

We encourage anyone over the age of 15 to apply, especially those who have a passion for helping people and a desire to work in a healthcare environment.

How long do volunteer commitments last?

With the exception for the Summer Teen Volunteer Program, volunteers will work a minimum of a 4-hour shift per week. Volunteers may work a maximum of 2 shifts per week for a total of 8 hours. A 6-month commitment is requested.

Can I choose the department to volunteer in?

Volunteers will first start as a greeter at one of the information desks to get acquainted with the hospital. After reaching 35 hours of volunteer work, we make every effort to place you in the department of your choice.

Where can I find the volunteer application and additional materials?

For teens aged 15 to 18 (who have not started college), visit the Teen Volunteer Program page. For adults 18 years of age and over, visit the Adult Volunteer Program page.

Where do I submit my volunteer application?

Please download the application for either the Teen Volunteer Program or the Adult Volunteer Program. Print the form, fill it out and submit it by mail to:

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center
Attn: Volunteer Services
657 Town Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89144

How do I schedule an interview?

You must first complete and submit a Volunteer Application. We will then contact you to schedule a date and time to have a brief conversation about our opportunities as they become available.

Will I need to wear a uniform?

We require all volunteers to wear a volunteer shirt or jacket that you can purchase in the Volunteer Office for $20.

Where can I see a list of volunteer opportunities?

Visit the Volunteer Placement Opportunities page for a summary of our available roles.

Can teens volunteer?

Our Teen Volunteer Program is offered during the summer months of June through August. We have a limited number of opportunities available for high school students who are between the ages of 15 and 18 years old and who have not yet started college. For more information, visit the Teen Volunteer Program page.

I’ve volunteered at Summerlin Hospital in the past and would like to return. What will I need to do?

If you have been an active volunteer within the past 2 years, you are considered a “Returning Volunteer” and do not need to reapply. Please contact Volunteer Services at 702-233-7532 for additional information. Volunteers who have been inactive for over 2 years must reapply.

Can volunteers visit children in the Children’s Medical Center?

To visit the Children’s Medical Center at Summerlin Hospital, please contact a Child Life Specialist at 702-233-7416 for more information. They can schedule group visits and discuss guidelines with you. Please note, visits are limited in order to respect the privacy of our patients and families.